Devising a Flower cloth

This time I decided to use my own patterns.

When I thought about what I might do when I had finished my hexagon blanket, I decided that what I could do with was a cloth to cover the table in the guest room/study.  The room’s main colour is green, so that together with my love for flowers suggested a ‘flower’ cloth.

I thought making it from a collection of granny squares would be a good idea and I tried a few flower granny squares that other people had done but I wasn’t entirely happy with any of them and they all came out slightly different sizes, so I decided that I would have to work out my own patterns.

I wanted to take my colour inspiration from real flowers and I wanted a variety of different designs.

I ended up with a three row, twelve-petalled flower; a two row, twelve-petalled flower and a two row, eight-petalled flower.

The first were inspired by calendula marigolds, different sorts of water lilies, cineraria, and morning glory,

the second by all sorts of daisies

and the last by the eight-petalled dahlias that come in such a wonderful array of colours.

Since it was a cloth, I decided to lash out on some cotton yarn and bought the Rico Essentials Cotton that I showed you in an earlier post.

Of course I couldn’t have got that far with out a bit of experimenting and planning.

So I made a few sample flower squares in the acrylic yarn I had to hand.

[I am not using the white flower in the above, maybe it is more of a star, but I will use the other three.]

I also practised a few alternate edgings but haven’t decided which will be most suitable.

I then planned out an arrangement of the different types and colours – not going to be random this time.

I have given myself a little time off from the socks and have started on the first row.

This will enlarge


One other thing I have done lately is to make some

stitch markers.

I have been looking at ones that other people have made and wondered if they would be a good idea but really wanted to see them before I bought any.

I had been using pieces of yarn while knitting the socks but suddenly I worked out a way I could make some for myself, that were fine enough not to interfere with the stitches for the socks, using shir elastic and some odds and ends of beads I’ve had even since my teens.  They may not be as classy as the ones on the web but they work.

3 thoughts on “Devising a Flower cloth

  1. Looking very nice indeed! Now here’s my amateurish question – have you already joined the squares you’ve finished so far? Or have they just been placed like that for the photograph?


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