Finally getting down to the sock(s)

First, of course, I had to knit a square (well actually a rectangle) to help me get an idea of my tension on this particular yarn.  Then work out how many stitches to use as the pattern I am following is a measure your foot and work it out sort of thing.  I also had to work out increases for the leg and I hope I’ve got it right because I don’t really know what you are supposed to do.

Then I had to decide on the patterning, if any. Something like my over the knee socks (which I took to mean a bit of texture in between flat stocking stitch vertical stripes) had been requested. I trawled through sock pattern after sock pattern on the web, only to realise that such patterns were not common.

However, I stopped to examine more closely a pattern that was all over what I think was called an ‘always right twist’.  I realised that this might provide a motif that I could use for my stripes and what was even more exciting was that as a motif it was just like a sort of rib except for a fancy stitch once every five rows. So I tried a couple of inches to see if it would work.  I increase the number of purl stitches either side from one to two after a few rows so that is why it looks a bit odd.

I decide that I liked it and it is so easy I might find I don’t end up having to do too much undoing when I go wrong.

The ‘always right twist’ stitch is just so easy – the pictures do enlarge if you wish to see more closely.

First you knit two together but leave the stitches on the left hand needle
Then you insert the needle between those two stitches and into the one on the right and knit it
Finally you pull the stitches off the left hand needle and it’s done

I then started with the disposable cast on and the wraps to make the toe of the sock.

I did end up having to undo a few rows, which was discouraging, as I wasn’t sure if I had done all the wraps right and some looked a bit loose. But maybe I shouldn’t have tried to do it while watching the qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix.

I find knitting or crocheting while watching a Grand Prix is really good because it helps calm me down during the anxiety provoking / exciting bits and is something to attend to during the boring bits. Qualifying was much too exciting. 🙂

However I have now got this far.

I still cannot believe that I am knitting with such a fine yarn on such small needles.

Now the sock is well under way maybe I will allow myself to get out my new cotton yarn and see if the squares for my flower cloth come out the right size.

One last picture for you all

I wrote about all the things I had won from cuteasabutton’s birthday giveaway and said that I thought I would use the brooch on my jacket. Well I found an even better place for it: on my sun hat.

I am one of those people who have to wear a hat if I am out in the sun for any length of time because otherwise I get a headache. So I have a cotton easy to pack sun hat but I sometimes think when I am going out looking relatively smart that maybe it looks a bit too like a hat for the beach but now I have added the brooch and I think it looks quite stylish!

Oh! and I’ve been using my blanket for it’s original purpose on my bed: as an adjunct to a sheet and it works very well.

One thought on “Finally getting down to the sock(s)

  1. Haha, I was just doing a quick scroll through/skim read and saw the brooch and thought ‘I’ve made one like that’!! Glad you’ve found a place for it 🙂 And I’m loving the socks so far – you must have patience to work with such thin yarn!


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