Lots of lovely yarn!

Been at home this week feeling awful with a bad cold.

But determined to still do the post on yarn that I promised. At least I don’t need to go out to do it and the weather has become unbelievably warm. I think it was being brave and wearing my thickest jumper instead of turning the heating back on last week that allowed my body to succumb to the virus.  Well it is May, we shouldn’t be needing heating. 😦

I have now bought three lots of yarn that is somewhat more expensive than my normal acrylic.

The first yarn that I bought – that will probably be the last that I use! – was bought when I was buying some acrylic yarn on the internet as it seemed a good way to avoid postage!

Here it is.

I am sure you can see why I bought it.

Wild extravagance, but if I am knitting socks for someone else it seemed only fair to make some for myself :-). Not sure which to use first but then I will have plenty of time to decide.  I had been looking longingly at this yarn for a quite a while but thinking I would never buy any as I don’t knit socks!


is much more boring and is for the white socks I promised to make.


One request I have of all you nice people out there is that I am intending to make the socks with a little bit of pattern up the sides between bands of stocking stitch –  something like this:-

These are some over the knee socks I have.

When I was practising making socks I quickly came up with a pattern to fill in the stripes just to get the general idea

but this was in double knitting weight.

However, I wondered if anyone had details of a pattern to give vertical stripes between stocking stitch that would work in sock yarn that they thought was especially good to use and were willing to share.


I have saved the best till last. This is the yarn I have bought for my next crochet project. It is for what I call a flower cloth and I will do an initial post about that sometime soon.  I don’t think I could cope with just knitting white socks for weeks and weeks.

It is my first cotton yarn and I had a lot of difficulty finding the right one as I wanted nice bright colours and some other yarns had really uninspiring yellows.

If I get on well with it I can see my buying more, as the price is more reasonably than some brands and there are lots of household items that would probably be better made of cotton than acrylic.

Hope you enjoyed the first view of these yarns and I will be very grateful for any suggestions to enhance the white socks I will soon be making.


10 thoughts on “Lots of lovely yarn!

    1. The manufacturer is of the cotton yarn is Rico. Yes the yarn came from http://www.countrycrafts.org.uk/ . They are very helpful though the yarn took a little while to come because I wanted so many of the light green and they were out of stock. They stock Stylecraft Special acrylic too which I will buying when I next need some acrylic for a blanket or similar. They seem to stock pretty much all the different colours.


  1. What fabulous yarn! Awesome! I love your artistic arrangement of the cottons as well. They look so lovely like that.
    As for the socks, I can’t think of any patterns off the top of my head, but I’m sure I’d be able to chart and write out the mock cable on your over the knee socks if you wanted.
    Have fun creating 🙂


    1. Really kind of you to offer to chart the pattern on my socks but I suppose I was hoping for something really simple that I wouldn’t go wrong on and that one looks tricky. Amazingly, I may have found something that is really that easy that I think will work. I spent ages trawling through patterns on the internet and came across a right twist that looks like cable but doesn’t need a cable needle and you only do the tricky bit once every five rows. I am knitting a practice few inches to see what it woud look like.


  2. Are you a member of Ravelry.com? Its a knitting and crochet site and free to join. There will be loads of over knee socks and alot of the patterns are free.


      1. Oh no way! Ravelry is most definitely not for any kind of ‘select’ anything! It is a FAB library of patterns, with the addition of forums for chatting and where you can ask for help. The patterns have peoples projects attached to them so you can see how they were used, what yarn was used, hook, needles, ratings for ease or complication – a multitudeiness (? -lol) of HELP. Give it a go, it doesn’t cost you anything to look around – or even register. I’m WAAY more amateur than yo and I’m a member. It’s so very good for ideas and inspiration 😀


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