Happy, happy, happy!

I am so happy at the moment.

I have my blanket across the end of my bed keeping my toes warm in this unusually chilly May.

And on Friday my goodies came from cuteasabutton’s birthday giveaway which I was so lucky to win.

They were packed in these lovely bits of tissue paper.

So now I have:-

Some jolly bunting for my bedroom bookcase giving the room a carnival air.

Egg cosies to keep my Saturday lunch eggs warm

Napkin rings to enhance the table on special occasions and dinner parties.

Buttons just looking for a chance to enhance a garment.

A summery brooch to wear on my jacket when it’s not going to rain!

and pegs to keep my pattern pages together (among other things).

So thank you cuteasabutton for all these lovely things.

I have also finished all the pattern piece for that mystery thing I am making. Yeh!

So here are all the pieces in dark red plus two in the lighter red that I had missed first time around.

I think this is more of a giveaway as to what it might be! I didn’t really realise when I bought the pattern what a lot of separate pieces there would be so I hope I can sew them together well. Sewing is not my best skill.

Full reveal mid June.

I also received the yarns for my next big crochet project today but I will show you those in a separate post next week plus my other special yarns.

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