Another Project finished!

You remember in my ‘Projects, Projects, Projects’ post I showed you a picture of the attic24 inspired crochet bag that I was making to hold my knitting or crochet.

Well at last I have got round to finishing it.

I finished the bag part a few days ago and then I settled down to make two handles. Seven rows, well it had to be two rainbows didn’t it?

And lastly I got to the flowers.  I decided that I ought to be able to work out flowers and leaves for myself and in the end I make four flowers in different colours but the same basic pattern and twelve leaves: eight dark green and four light green to go round the flowers.

And then finally I sewed on the handles added the flowers and leaves and Yes!

Here it is! Sitting on my settee with my current lot of knitting in it.

Of course it had started with rainbow colours too.

So they could peep out from the bottom of the bag between the balls of yarn.

I said that I didn’t feel that I could say what I was making at present but here is a picture of all the bits in scarlet red that are needed.

Anyone guess what it is going to be?

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