A Christmas angel and other stories

In my first post I talked about knitting a Christmas Crib from a book by Jean Greenhowe.

Well there were two things that I felt the crib lacked: an angel and a star and so when I had finished the rest of the crib I set out to make both an angel and a star.

The star was just a stellated dodecahedron knitted in pale yellow – a cut down version of the pattern I found HERE.
It was a terrible struggle and I wouldn’t say I had done it very well but it serves.

The angel I was quite pleased with and the reason I am creating this post is because I went to a local Knit and Natter / Stitch ‘n Bitch type group on Friday and got talking to someone who is in the middle of making Jean Greenhowe’s crib at present and I told her about my angel and as she was interested I said that I would write up the pattern.

Now I admit the pattern isn’t any good if you haven’t bought Jean Greenhowe’s book as I just give the details of how I chose to embellish the standard figure she had created. However, in case anyone might be thinking of making the crib and wanted to add an angel, I include it here.

As it is a bit long I am adding it as an extra page – HERE.


Now for what I meant to post earlier in the week before I decided to write about my trip to Exbury gardens instead.


Verstile Blogger – update

I was also nominated for this by Maryanne of Woolhogs

So very many thanks to Maryanne. Since the nominations were so close together I don’t think I can repeat the whole thing but I have discovered four more blogs to recommend so as to bring my tally up to fifteen overall.

These are also all creative, crafty people.

The Little Room of Rachell


crafts by the sea


I discovered these blogs because I had a good look after they started following mine, so please can I ask all of them to regard this as notification of their nomination and to refer to my earlier post as to the ‘rules’ of the award and to respond as they see fit.

I know there are many other worthwhile blogs out there, covering a great variety of subjects, so the fact that I have restricted my choice to crafty, creative ones, should not be taken as any denigration of all the others.


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