A Feast of Colour

Yesterday a friend and I went to Exbury gardens. After all the rain we have been having we were blest with a lovely day: a bit chilly and cloudy at first but changing into a glorious sunny afternoon.

We don’t have cars so we had to take a bus, using our “oh! I am so grateful” free bus passes and walk the last mile and a half.  The first part of the walk involved a path through a small wood and I found to my surprise that in places the path had a stream running down the middle. No! I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised after such a wet April. Luckily we managed to get to the other end, all in one piece and without getting too muddy.

At this time of year Exbury is a real feast of colour for a rainbow junkie and I took lots of pictures. So I hope you don’t mind if I share a few with you.

There were flowers of all colours of the rainbow:

firstly a beautiful red rhododendron

and towards the end this amazing orange azalea. I was so pleased that the photograph captured it’s colur so well.

We also found delicate yellow primroses peeping out from the fallen leaves of last autumn.

There were these stunningly green ferns in what is called the Iris Garden

and bluebells in drifts of colour but also turning up all over the garden,

with these pale violet rhododendrons that towered overhead.

There were also a variety of two tone pinks in both rhododendrons

and azaleas.

We found this cool quiet corner,

some amazing fish,

including a gold one

and plenty of stunning vistas to take your breath away.

No knitting or crochet today but photography is also creative.  I hope you enjoyed sharing my day.


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