Hexagon blanket update

Well I’ve finished the main body. Just the edge to do.

I crocheted in the ends as I went but I still had the end of the ends to cut off. I didn’t do the cutting as I went in case I cut off an end I had forgotten to weave in and risked a break. I also chose to sew in the last end of each hexagon to make them extra secure.

It took me two days (about 3-4hours) and produced this little pile of yarn bits.

I was pleased to discover when I had cut off all the ends that the back of the blanket looked almost as good as the front. I had not expected this, so it was a bonus.

Front at the top Back at the bottom

It was hard to take a good picture of the main body of the blanket so this is the best I could do.

This will enlarge if you click

Originally I was going to do a simple border. One row of trebles followed by a shell edging. But I have decided that that is a much too flimsy edging so I am going to do several rows of trebles and see how it goes.

Hopefully I will have finished the edging in a weeks time and then I can do a full reveal.

All this blogging has made me decide that I must actually buy myself a camera of my own. In the past I have owned two film SLRs but for the past few years I have been borrowing a digital bridge camera from my son and while it takes fairly good pictures, it has it’s limitatons.

I have been going round and round in circle this last week not sure what to buy but I have finally decided that I will go for a light but good quality camera that I can take around with me easily. The SLR I might have chosen weighed about twice what my old one did with just the one lens.

I am going out this afternoon, and while it looks as if I will not come back with it, I may well have bought it!

4 thoughts on “Hexagon blanket update

  1. What a beautiful array of colours 😀 I can’t wait to see what yo do with the edging 🙂 I see there are 220 hex’s, what is the overall size of it?
    Mo 🙂


    1. Thank you for liking it. Body of blanket is approximately, at it’s maximum, 100x 170 cm (3’4″ x 5’5″). Border will probably add about 8cm (3″) to total length and width. I made an earlier post with details of colours and planning.


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