Catching up – Rainbow scarf & beret

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to knit a scarf for my eldest as part of her birthday present and it had to be a rainbow scarf because she loves rainbows too.

But I didn’t want it to just be a striped scarf with rainbow colours; I wanted it to be a scarf where putting it on would be like wrapping a rainbow round your neck.

I knew how to do horizontal stripes but I couldn’t see how to do vertical ones.

I struggled with the problem for a bit and then I thought of using circular needles. I had used a 40cm one for my knitted tube but of course you could use circular needles to knit flat as well.  Then I could knit lengthways horizontal stripes!

So I bought some Knit Picks interchangeable circular needles and cables.

4mm (UK8) and 3.25mm (UK10) needles and cables to make them into 40cm and 100cm circulars.

The 4mm needles with the longer cable was just fine for the scarf.

I cast on 360 stitches which I calculate would make a scarf about 6ft (180cm) long.

I wanted the scarf to be reversible – so both sides were similar – and as I was intending to use DK yarn I wanted it to have a bit of thickness.

I wrote myself a pattern – or rather I drew up two charts which both meant the same thing as I am a very visual person.

The scarf worked out well, so I decided that I ought to make a beret also.  I adapted the pattern I had used for the earlier beret so it matched the scarf and this time knitted it on the shorter circular cable using the 3.25mm needles for the rib. I used the longer cable with the magic loop knitting method  to complete the central part.

In the end I made a scarf and beret for myself and my daughter. Only making the difference of the order of the colours in the beret for my daughter so as to make the red more dominant as that is her favourite colour.

My granddaughter also liked the scarf and beret and asked if I could make her one; so I ended up making a third scarf (only 300 sts) and beret for her.

So here we all are:-

What’s that there?
Synchronised scarfing
Just the three of us

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