Catching up – Spiral scarf (and beret to match)

A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted a spiral scarf but I couldn’t see what I wanted in the shops, so I decided to knit one,

I found a pattern on the internet here but I decided that I wanted my scarf to be more ‘interesting’ and reversible.

I therefore adapted the pattern: used garter stitch rather than stocking stitch and introduced a pattern of holes.

I bought some Paton’s variegated yarn to add even more interest.

I was in the hardware store and when I saw the yarn I knew I had to buy some, as it was so much ‘my’ colours. (I don’t tend to wear green or yellow very much) and I thought a scarf made from it would go very well with my three new jumpers.  See below: (colour on a computer screen is a funny thing. The pale jumper is actually a rather nice turquoise.)

The pattern is really straightforward as it is only 18 rows knitted over and over again.

The rows get shorter as you go through the eighteen and there is only one row that might be a bit tricky.

About eight repeats make a full circle

The Beret

A friend had a pattern for a beret in an old book and I copied down the number of stitches and increases and decreases then set out to adapt it to match the scarf.

I have been very happy with my scarf and wear it indoors in the winter for extra warmth and outside with the beret in the Spring.

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