Beginning a granny hexagon blanket

Just a glimpse of my blanket

I found the pattern for this on the Attic24 blog and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one.

I absolutely love hexagons. They are by far the most interesting and beautiful of the space filling regular polygons. (The others being triangle and squares). And bees make their honeycombs with them – I love honey.

I decided that I would keep the golden centres Lucy had, as that made them look almost like flowers and I love flowers too.

I decided that the blanket, made a suitable size, could wrap me when watching TV in the winter and be a supplement to a sheet on my bed in the hotter part of summer.

So I started to plan in two ways.   click here if you are interested in the planning – includes a shopping bag project

I decided to use Paton’s Fab and chose the following colours:-

  • Canary 2305 for the centres

And for the main colours

  • Candy 2316
  • Strawberry 2340
  • Cherry 2322
  • Mint 2300
  • Lime 2317
  • Forest 2319
  • Glacier 2301
  • Turquoise 2315
  • Blue 2321
  • Lilac 2314p
  • Purple 2313
Main blanket colours

And I was planning to use Fern 2341 and Airforce 2312 for the edging though now I have seen the colour of Airforce, in the flesh, as it were, I am not so sure. It is more grey than blue and I had been looking for a different blue to those I had already used. I will have to decide.

As you will realise, if you looked at the planning section, I am happy to work systematically.

So I started by making ten little gold centres

And then, taking a ball of one of the main colours, made ten little circles.
Working with each ball in turn gave me a boxful.

Then choosing one ball and the ten circles without that colour gave:-

After using each ball, I got this – 110 circles

And this allowed me to chose the circles to use for each row of the blanket (according to the plan. – It was all based on diagonals.)

I then settled down to make the first ten rows of the blanket according to my printed plan.

(This is one of the few pictures that will actually show bigger if you click it.)

Then Repeat………………………..

I am on the repeating at the moment.

I expect the full blanket will be finished in a couple of months and then I will do another post.

Just a note if you are tempted to try to make a blanket following this plan. I had calculated that I ought to have just enough yarn on the basis that I can crochet ten trebles out of 1m of yarn. Well I had just a tiny piece left of the gold when I had crocheted the last gold centre so it looks to be an even more close run thing than I anticipated.  Robin or Stylecraft would give  you more metres per ball than Paton’s.

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