Let’s Talk Yarns

My local hardware store stocks Robin DK acrylic yarn (100gm) All the colours are not always on the shelves but I think they must stock all of the available solid colours.

This is my current stash of Robin Yarns

(I do have a few bits of creams and browns, black and white but these don’t really count!)

I started by using it to make a knitted Crib but later I wanted to make a spiral scarf and decide to chose one of the lovely variegated yarns they stocked. These I discovered were Paton’s Fab (also 100g).

I decided that I liked the feel of the Paton’s Fab as it was softer and smoother than the Robin and maybe a little thicker. So when it came to my biggest project to date – that of making a crochet blanket – I decided to use Paton’s Fab. I couldn’t find any locally but at last I found an online stockist who appeared to sell all the colours. I found all the colours I wanted for my blanket and was very happy with it (except that some balls seemed to have thinner or thicker yarn than others – a slight variation in thickness seems to be something you get with these budget yarns).

These are the main colours for the blanket

So you might think that I will be using Paton’s Fab from now on for all the projects I might make with acrylic yarn – Wrong! Much to my great regret Paton’s Fab does not come in Orange! How can a rainbow junkie like me be content with a yarn with no orange. For the blanket I decided to let the gold centres of the hexagons represent the yellow/orange part of the spectrum but this won’t work for lots of other projects.

So for the moment I must keep a stash of Robin DK available for all those little projects I might want to turn my hand to at a moment’s notice.

NOTE: The link above for Paton’s Fab show orange – ‘Jaffa’ – as available but in the shops that number gives you ‘mauve’!!

I haven’t yet used Stylecraft Special DK yarn

But it has lots of colours (including orange!) and I have just bought a ball to see how it compares with Robin and Paton’s Fab. It feels more like Paton’s Fab – though maybe a little thinner as you get abou 7% more more for 100gm, though both tension charts show 22 sts per 10cm.

I have found this very helpful online stockist who not only sells the Stylecraft Special DK yarn in most, if not all, of the available colours but also sells a colour chart for £1 + postage that has long pieces of the actual yarn on it that you can feel, so it is very useful and I am glad I bought it as it is so hard to be sure of yarn colours when you only see them online.

You may have realised that I prefer these budget yarns. I don’t feel for most things that I can justify the expense of premium yarns however lovely they might be.

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