Butterfly Book Cover

A recent project that was not involved with knitting and crochet (that I see as my main focus)  involved trying to copy a notebook from Paperchase that my younger daughter had given me for Christmas.

I am using my book to record my knitting and crochet projects and this has led indirectly to my deciding to start a blog.

My daughter however told me that she had liked the book so much that she had gone back to the shop to buy one for herself but they had all gone.  I know how frustrating that can be because I had had the same happen to me with some snowflake cookies cutters I had bought as a present. I looked around on the internet but they did indeed seem to have been discontinued. So I decided that I would try to make one for her.

My first problem was to find a large enough piece of felt in the right shade.  I eventually found a piece that was a close enough match in colour and 18” square. I then had to buy embroidery thread in matching colours. The turquoise one was not quite the same but I decided it would do.

I managed to photocopy the book I had

and then, using Corel Photo-Paint to
extract just the butterflies, made transfers from some transfer printing paper I
had bought years before.

This is the one for the turquoise butterfly

I found a notebook in Paperchase that had a plain thin card cover and as a bonus a butterfly edging to the pages, which the original had not had.

The original butterflies had been worked in machine satin stitch. Embroidery is not my best skill and there was no way I could copy that but I remembered something called couching stitch which is where you lay a thickness of embroidery thread round the shape you want and hold it in place with tiny stitches every few millimetres.  So I decide to use that.

Three butterflies were flat and three had been added on later so I worked the loose ones first. I then started on the main part of the cover.

This is how they compared

Finally, I improvised a way of stitching on the loose butterflies and working their bodies to hold them in place.

The original book had thick felt for the main part of the cover but mine was only 1.5mm thick so, since I had enough, I decided that I would stick one plain layer of felt on the cover first and then the embroidered part.

I remembered that Copydex was the glue to use for craft projects and bought some.

This is where I feel I came a bit unstuck (ha! ha!) as they had changed the formulation and instead of being spirit based it now appeared to be water based and as soon as I coated the cover of the book with it, the card curled up massively.  Over the next couple of days I managed to stick on both layers of felt and trim it to size.  However the cover has never lain completely flat even with a lot of weight on top to encourage it. Glue is not something I am good with (and I often manage to stick my fingers together with super glue) so even with the utmost care I did manage to get the odd bit of glue on the outside.

But this is the finished result and I am not totally unhappy with it.

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