Why Did I Start this Blog?


I was taught knitting, crochet and various sorts of embroidery when I was a child.

I was a very slow knitter but by knitting the occasional item, such as baby coats when I was expecting a child I gradually improved.  (I knitted a third coat – for my son – but I must have given it away.)

My mother did a lot of crochet but it was mostly lacy patterns using crochet cotton like this –
She said that the bedcover had taken her about 18 months and I think that was before she extended it to fit a double bed.

I started a piece of lace once but it grew much too slowly for impatient me.

I quite enjoyed embroidery but can’t say I was especially good at it.

Recently however I knitted a gilet (well that’s what the pattern called it) as part of my clothes for my second daughter’s wedding and as it turned out well I began to grow in confidence.

You can see bits of it in these two pictures.

(I bought a rather special coat for the wedding as well.)

So I set out to knit a Christmas Crib from a book by Jean Greenhowe.  http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/christmas.html

This was also a success.

I knitted a few dolls for my granddaughter and some scarves and berets and baby and toddler cardigans and then I found Lucy’s site: http://attic24.typepad.com/ and fell in love with the idea of a blanket made of hexagons.
Sneak Preview

I was now hooked not only on knitting but maybe even more so on crochet.

So much so that I decided I should start a blog.

Why Rainbow Junkie?

Well I have always been obsessed with rainbows ever since I first saw one and if anything I do can incorporate a rainbow arrangement of colours I am so happy. Even when I am using colours in a random fashion it is the bright clear jewel colours that I like to use.

You can see I created this mandala about twenty years ago. It represents both me and the world.

I also made this one a couple of years later in 1995.

4 thoughts on “Why Did I Start this Blog?

  1. Hello!
    Just wanted to bob by and wish you a very warm welcome to Blogland! Am with you on the rainbow love….your hexies are looking beeeautiful, can’t wait to see more.
    lots of hooky love


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